Cup Weekend in Christchurch 2018
  Yuri Sos

We made a long weekend of Cup Day in 2018 BC and headed to Christchurch for a bit of R&R. Christchurch is a beautiful and compact city still rebuilding after its disastrous two earthquakes. New buildings built with flair and imagination have sprung up and provide great backdrops to the all-important tram shots.

A couple of days ago I commented (in error) about their Restaurant Tram and when I went to my online gallery New Zealand had disappeared (both 2014 and 2018 albums).

So far I've replaced the 2018 Christchurch photos - 45 in all.

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I've arranged them by each tram traversing the system - four (11,15,152,244) plus the Restaurant Tram W2.411.

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Looking forward to Cup weekend in CHC this year assuming we don't go into Lockdown 8.0
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