Re: Adelaide Trolleybus photo - 635
  David McLoughlin

John Radcliff wrote:

> The horse drawn cart is a bread van, still fairly common at that time as

horses were trained to know which houses to stop at for the bread delivery
while the driver dashed into the house front veranda to leave the bread in
the bread box..

We still had horse-drawn milk carts in Box Hill in the early 1970s. I
don't remember when they stopped. But we didn't have trams then. I used to
walk to Mont Albert to catch the tram. Then I moved to NZ and decades later
the tram reached Box Hill!

I am even more surprised that trams run through the streets again in
Sydney. All the way to Circular Quay. I never thought I'd see that. I
never saw it first time round. But, Covid-willing, I'll see it on Thursday!

david mcloughlin, New Zealand
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