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No photos today.


Tues.9.3.21 Metro Twitter
To give you space as you return to the public transport network, we’ve made some changes. Like:
- A 30% discount during off-peak times
- Introducing RideSpace so you can check how busy your next train is
- Adding 450 extra weekly services
9.19 Mernda/Hurstbridge lines: Major delays after an 'operational incident' near Jolimont.
- 10.56 Now minor and clearing.
Experience an exclusive tour of the Metro tunnel's eastern entrance at 13.00, live on Facebook. Accompanied by expert Andrew Nelson, come and find out all about the entrance works happening in South Yarra.
Buses replace trains North Melbourne - Sunbury from 20.25 until the last train (maintenance works).
23.29 & 0.15  Mernda line: Major delays (a motor vehicle struck train at Preston).  Trains will be held.
- 23.38 Are the drivers ok?

MARCH 6 2021 Henry Khinzaw warned to 'grow up' after 'shocking' attack on bus driver. Blake Foden
A magistrate has warned an unemployed fare evader to "grow up" after the man grabbed, spat at and threatened to kill a Canberra bus driver in an attack police have called "shocking".

‘Closures any day’: Coal-fired power plants in peril as prices plunge. Nick Toscano March 8, 2021. 320 comments

Property Council push for ‘Fab Fridays’ with 4pm knock off Kieran Rooney March 9, 2021. 145 comments
Melbourne’s city workers would be guaranteed an early finish and free public transport every Friday under an ambitious plan to revitalise the CBD.
video: Two-thirds of workers allowed to return to Melbourne offices Melbourne’s CBD is beginning its return to normality with 75 per cent of the workforce permitted to return to the office from today – marking the highest number…
City workers would be guaranteed a 4pm knock off at the end of each week and public transport made free on Fridays under a bold plan to bring workers back into the city.
The Property Council of Australia are pushing for local and state governments to team up and create a “Fab Fridays” program to encourage working in the CBD.
Every Friday, employers would pledge to let their staff finish at 4pm, public transport would be made free and events and festivals in the city would be ramped up to let people make the most of a Friday afternoon.
Its understood the City of Melbourne is broadly supportive of the idea, with discussions now underway as to how the scheme could work.
The start of Term 2 for school, in April, has been flagged as an ideal starting point.
By luring workers back to the city on Fridays, the Property Council is hoping to alter behaviour locked in during the peak of the pandemic and Victoria’s shutdowns.
Crowds flock to Melbourne CBD on Sunday morning to enjoy eased restrictions on the Long weekend in Victoria. Picture: NCA NewsWire / David Geraghty
Free events and programs would provide extra reason to come into work and supercharge spending on struggling traders.
Cheap coffee or free breakfasts could also provide a boost to office attendance.
Property Council Victorian executive director Danni Hunter said the CBD was desperate for increased foot traffic while only 24 per cent of workers had returned.
“Fridays are about celebrating the week and anticipating the weekend,” she said.
“COVID has changed so many things about our life, but the joy of catching up in person with your colleagues and friends is irreplaceable and there’s no better place than in Melbourne’s CBD.
“It’s been so long since we’ve been able to get together properly be it in the office or at the pub, we know that people might need an incentive or two as extra motivation.”
City of Melbourne figures show 29 per cent of shop fronts in the municipality are currently vacant.
Ms Hunter governments at every level would need to work together with the private sector to reverse this trend.
Degraves Street during Moomba Festival in Melbourne. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Paul Jeffers
“Free public transport is just one way that will encourage Melburnians into the CBD on Fridays, with the extra incentive of knowing you’ll get home safely after a wonderful dinner and show,” she said.
“We’re calling on CBD bosses to introduce a 4pm knock-off pledge, encouraging workers to leave the office together and either go for a walk through the city or enjoy a cheeky after work drink.”
Australian Hotels Association Victoria chief executive Paddy O’Sullivan praised the concept.
“The hotel industry will go out of our way to make people feel welcome,” he said.
‘We will be looking at price specials and other initiatives such as the return of the meat tray raffle. Some pubs may also think about happy hours.
“City pubs have done it hardest because of a lack of office workers as well as a lack of travellers from interstate and overseas.
“Now is the time for an initiative to drive people back into pubs and make them welcome.”
<www.heraldsun.com.au/news/property-council-push-for-fab-fridays-with-4pm-knock-off/news-story/903187e3ee8f424c1a6b1a86eab88377> [most comments were sarcasm]

Locals fear Canterbury Sports Ground faces ruin due to level crossing removal plans. Mark Buttler March 9, 2021
Locals will fight a plan to use Canterbury Sports Ground for a level crossing removal project.
AFL legend Francis Bourke, a long time member of the Canterbury Cricket Club is leading a fight to save Canterbury Sports Ground. Francis is pictured with Cricket Club President Paul Townsend and Ann Brennan from the Cricket Club Womens Committee. Picture: Mark Stewart
The historic Canterbury sports ground faces ruin if used for carparking and as a base for infrastructure equipment, locals fear.
Four clubs and a kindergarten which use the venue have called on the State Government to remove it from Level Crossing Removal Program plans.
Those opposing the move say the ground, in Surrey Hills, is Melbourne’s most beautiful heritage sporting oval.
They say there are plans to lay asphalt on the playing surface but that they knew nothing of this until days before public submissions were to close.
AFL legend Francis Bourke, a long time member of the Canterbury Cricket Club is leading a fight to save Canterbury Sports Ground. Picture: Mark Stewart
Car parks and areas to store construction equipment will be needed for the Surrey Hills/Mont Albert round of works.
A statement from Canterbury Sports Ground’s advocates said it is the only recreational space in the area’s Chatham precinct.
A better alternative for the project was the old Box Hill brickworks site, it said.
“Why hijack such a valuable, vital and heavily used community space, when other far more viable alternatives exist,” the statement said.
Footy legend Francis Bourke, a former president of the 134-year-old Canterbury Cricket Club and a life member, is in for the fight.
The former Richmond premiership hero said he was fearful about what impact the project would have on a prized community asset.
“I am very concerned about the threat to the existence of the CCC,” Bourke said.
“The club fields 25 teams with cricket opportunities for over 350 men, women, girls and boys of all ages.
The prospect of being unable to have access to their home ground is completely contrary to what community participation stands for and represents a huge threat to the very future existence of the Club.”
Those fighting the move say it would be a bitter blow in the aftermath of COVID.
They say the venue is a valued community asset for everyone, with an aged-care facility nearby as well as a preschool, playground and a Tennis Club.
A State Government spokeswoman said removal of crossings at Union Road, Surrey Hills, and Mont Albert Road, Mont Albert, was being fast-tracked.
The spokeswoman described them as two of the most dangerous of the 45 the government had removed and 20 it was yet to eliminate.
The Canterbury ground is within the project planning area but this did not mean it would necessarily be required as part of the construction process.
“There are no plans to use any sporting grounds as a construction lay-down area, and no decisions will be made without full consultation with the sporting clubs,” the spokeswoman said.
More Coverage
How level crossing rule breakers are being targeted
* To add to my earlier post, since LXRA can't do anything without closing a line and running an inadequate bus replacement, it has all of Canterbury station carpark and all of the tracks at Chatham as available space.
* Dan did the same thing to AK Lines Reserve in Watsonia.  To be taken over by North East Link Authority for storage of all earthmoving equipment for the next 10 years.  Imagine what the ground will be like after that.
* Great oval, that needs to be preserved, not ruined.
* Good luck, usually what Dan wants, Dan gets, one way or another.
* As ever, LXRA is marching over locals with jackboots.  Management convenience is the top priority, and today's management can't cope.  50 years ago, I watched Canterbury being done with greater efficiency.  The real disaster is the one station replacing two, because management can't cope.  LXRA simply dictates as its own judge and jury.  So far, the only places to beat LXRA have been bayside marginal seats.
* Dan loves to ruin a community
* Save it!
* State seat of Kew. Liberal heartland, so no votes for The Dictator there. Hence, he doesn't give a toss.
* Victorian Labor Party Government have previously stated what "Full Consultation" means: -"This is what we are doing. By TELLING you, we have consulted."
* The 'Brickworks' site is currently undergoing housing contruction - no room there.

Tues.9.3.21 Melbourne 'Herald Sun' Letters:
* I'm all for “original” names. Start with Spencer Street Station.