Re: Yet Another Day in te GTCOTS (cont'd)
  Mal Rowe

On 11/06/2021 00:35, Yuri Sos wrote:
> Yarra Trams pulled the restaurant trams out of service in 2018 citing safety concerns totally destroying this hugely successful and iconic tourist attraction and business. However, ex-Melbourne W2.442 still runs as a Restaurant car in Christchurch (so the Kiwis must like living dangerously! - I look forward to "dining dangerously" there in November):


Thanks Yuri - doesn't history happen rapidly!

A couple of small corrections:

1. The Christchurch restaurant tram is 411 (pic attached with driver Larry Day of the Tramway Historical Society).

(I recommend booking early - and the Mud House wines !)

2. There is a functional Restaurant tram in Victoria - Ballarat Tramway Museum has 939 - as "Cuthberts" and in normal times it is heavily booked for weddings, parties, anything.

I have attached an interior shot showing a view that the guests don't usually see.  That's Alastair Reither at right, giving me 'the tour'.

Mal Rowe - who enjoys a restaurant with a view that moves

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