Re: Yet Another Day in te GTCOTS (cont'd)
  Yuri Sos

Alt Subject: more every day trams.

It's time to board our time machine and dial up "minus 10" <Enter>

Late afternoon winter sunshine catches Z3.120 crossing Z3.134 right on the Kingsway / Park Street intersection in South Melbourne as they work the 55 route Domain Interchange - West Coburg route:
(2,000x1,250 pxl; 1.04MB)

As I recall, it was freezing cold but absolutely clear after a night's rain. Here's Z2.101 in Fitzroy Street heading for Acland Street. Rails at right are being prepared for the Fiztroy Street / Esplanade relay on this Queen's Birthday weekend (yes, that WAS 10 years ago!)
(2,000x1,250 pxl; 1.48MB)

Inbound at the same location is D1.3527 on a route 16 Melbourne University service:
(2,000x1,250 pxl; 1.26MB)

On the same day, driving home late from work, I spy something unusual at the 109 terminus. SW6.937, in her final years as Colonial Tramcar Restaurant 02 has disgorged her passengers at Port Junction and run down to Beacon Cove to reverse (looks like a fitter may have taken her for a non-revenue run to check out a possible maintenance issue). Yarra Trams pulled the restaurant trams out of service in 2018 citing safety concerns totally destroying this hugely successful and iconic tourist attraction and business. However, ex-Melbourne W2.442 still runs as a Restaurant car in Christchurch (so the Kiwis must like living dangerously! - I look forward to "dining dangerously" there in November):
(2,000x1,250 pxl; 931k)

Crisp, cool morning and I'm back in Fitzroy Street to capture the scene before the road breakers move in and commence renovating the track. D2.5002 on a route 96 East Brunswick service accelerates across the intersection with Canterbury Road before turning onto the former St Kilda railway line:
(2,000x1,250 pxl; 1.43MB)


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