RE: Yet Another Day in te GTCOTS
  Bill Johnson

I have been astonished by Yuri's superb photos, not only the trams but also the tall buildings quite unknown to me as scarcely having been in the city for a decade or maybe almost two. I have a niece who with husband apparently has a whole floor in one of the tallest.

Changing the subject to another matter --- re the Bendigo items of a few days ago I've queried relatives in Bendigo and they tell me the mood is for the eventual removal of the trams so that 'we can be a modern city' --- seem genuine in their belief (rather than teasing me).

Bill J

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Winter arrived today, showers interspersed with pouring rain, end of financial year looms, accountant harassing me for interim figures, me dutifully working through the paperwork. Then, lo and behold, a"little ray of sunshine has come into my world" (sorry Axiom) and I felt an urgent need to exercise.

I didn't venture too far today, but I thought I'd get some action around Jeff's Shed. Hmm.... not a good idea, constabulary everywhere, shed closed (I found out on the news that some "Richard Cranium" had been tested for Covid and had then immediately gone to the mass vaccination hub there for a vaccine, hence area declared as Tier 3 and temporarily closed).