Sydney tram depected in non-transport ABC story about Sydney
  David McLoughlin

This may be a first -- possibly the first time one of the new Sydney trams
has been shown in a non-transport story on the ABC to illustrate that a
story is set in Sydney. You often get a picture of the Harbour Bridge or
the Opera House for this; while scene-setting pictures of Melbourne often
have a tram (or Flinders St station; or a tram passing Flinders St

Now all that's needed is to get Transport for NSW to admit in its signs and
elsewhere that these bog-standard Citadis trams are actually trams. Oh, and
the ABC too.


david mcloughlin, New Zealand
"It is a curiosity of the age that, after [almost every] situation appears
at the very least to be better than it ever was, it is presented as though
it has never been worse." -- Douglas Murray, The Madness of Crowds

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