Re: Re: Route 1 is Number 1
  Andrew Cook

Yep, this was a Rail Tourist Association charter held on 23 April, 1988. Drivers for the tour were Ron Scholten and Peter Bhardo (hope I got the spelling correct). Attached are a few happy snaps of the tour and details of where it ran to. With regards to the route number 69 shown at Albert Park Beach terminus--that was a favourite on fan tours for its suggestive connotation of 'something'. Lol. Another favourite route number was 0E, translating to 'nought e' or 'naughty'.

Andrew Cook (glad to have done tram tours before the nanny state brigade turned up).

I suspect the occasion was a fan tour.

Mal Rowe - narrowing the time scale

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646 tour 23-4-1988  |  1671W x 845H  | 417.86 KB |  Photo details
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646 Coldblo Road Malvern 23-4-1988  |  1325W x 886H  | 335.61 KB |  Photo details
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646 Dandenong Road 23-4-1988  |  1317W x 878H  | 493.12 KB |  Photo details
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646 William and Bourke Sts 23-4-1988  |  1316W x 819H  | 345.88 KB |  Photo details