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  Yuri Sos

Melbourne started hosting the Grand Prix in 1996, so that would make sense.

BTW, what is it with "route 69"? 😯 (rhetorical question). I remember arriving in SFO in late 70s and riding the W2 up Market Street towards Castro. As soon as I commented that I used to commute on these, the volunteers' first question was "is there a route 69?" I said yes, I lived on the route in Glenferrie Road. Next stop, route number and desto was changed 😃.


On 4 May 2021 11:20:32 pm Peter Bruce p1.bruce@...> wrote:The terminal stub was probably lengthened to accommodate B class cars, storage for Grand Prix services maybe.

> Peter Bruce.



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> On 04/05/2021 17:14, Yuri Sos wrote:

>> Looking at the "watermark" on the road surface beside A1.256 in my

>> 2011 shot.


> It shows just how short the terminus section was in 1988 - certainly too

> short for a B.


> Mal Rowe - narrowing the time scale