Re: Re: Route 1 is Number 1
  Yuri Sos

On Mon, 3 May 2021 11:44:24 +1000, Mal Rowe wrote:

>It's just a short walk south from the South Melbourne Beach terminus to

>the out of use Albert Park Beach terminus at Mills St.


>I think that this tramway is the last place in Melbourne where the rails

>just stop in the roadway, without any buffer or posts.

>Tram 299 was using the old terminus as a short shunt - presumably to

>catch up with the timetable on route 12

This terminus is in occasional use for holding trams; I've seen trams there usually around lunchtime, so I wonder if they're a "block tram" or a regularly scheduled short destination tram.

The terminus was quite heavily used a few years ago when year 12 exams were held at MSAC and they were running a shuttle from the city to MSAC (though why they didn't just park in the third track on Albert Road) and then running on to Mills Street.

Here's A1.256 departing the terminus way back in 2011 (I didn't realise this photo was that old - Mills Street was on my "dad's taxi" school run route in those days and I saw trams there occasionally and never stopped to photograph them).

The shunt was also home to a small cohort of A classes for a few nights when Clarendon Junction and superstop were being constructedi in Jan 2016:
(Note the careful placement of A1.250 at the very end of the shunt)

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