Re: Re: Trackless trams for Melbourne
  Matthew Geier

On 3/5/21 4:49 pm, TP wrote:
> That would be a very untidy extension with a mixture of lengths, some

> requiring two bogies, and random door placements.

I've seen what was probably a concept design, and i can't remember
where, a tram with a 2 rotating bogie end section and then a number of
single bogie modules 'hanging' off it.  It doesn't have to stop at just
a single articulation and 3 bogies.

Normally a ~30m version would have 2 single bogie end sections hanging
off a 2 bogie centre section, but it doesn't have to be a B+BB+B

It could be a BB+B+B, so you could stick a 10m long middle into a single
articulated 20m version to lengthen it.