Re: Re: Trackless trams for Melbourne

That would be a very untidy extension with a mixture of lengths, some
requiring two bogies, and random door placements.

Tony P

On Monday, 3 May 2021 at 15:55:36 UTC+10 Matthew Geier wrote:

> On 3/5/21 3:50 pm, TP wrote:

> > The layout of this short 26 metre version of the E class would not be

> > amenable to adding additional modules later because of the need to add

> > an additional bogie to support the centre of the two module vehicle.

> > It would look like this:

> >

> An extra module can be added easily. It just has one bogie like the

> leading module in the illustration. You could have 'n' number of modules

> all with one bogie, except the last one. I'm not sure how stable this

> configuration would be, it may need some creative yaw damping.


> I note that in the UK there have been a spate of yaw damper mounting

> point cracks on railway rolling stock, two different CAF builds and the

> Hitachi IEC trains have suffered yaw damper problems.