Tram planning for Melbourne
  Mal Rowe

On 03/05/2021 15:35, Greg Sutherland wrote:
> Regarding the debate on future tram types for Melbourne are we putting

> the cart before the horse?


Planning is happening, but tram detail is not a public document.

What is public is big investment in the Melbourne Metro Tunnel and the
new "outer circle" Suburban Rail Loop.

See: and

These are likely to deal with a lot of PT growth without the need for
major extensions to the tram network - except for the Fisherman's Bend
Development and possibly trams to Monash University.  There have been
lots of proposals of and arguments about routes for both of these - but
no decisions.

> Having trams that can be lengthened by addition of modules can be a

> saving by enabling the capital cost of rolling stock to be incurred

> over time rather than a one off and higher stock cost due to the peak

> up front expenditure.

There is no real danger of these shorter trams becoming obsolecent (like
Sydney's C and D trams) within their lifetime.

Note that the 100 new ("F class"?) trams are described as being
replacements for the Z and A classes - of which  there are probably 200
remaining.   100 will be enough to replace 200!

After that there are 110 high floor Bs to be replaced and by then the
100 C and Ds will be a nightmare to maintain.

So, the smaller Fs are probably appropriate for the time being and there
will be plenty more to come!

Mal Rowe - expecting to see quite a few new trams yet