Re: Re: Trackless trams for Melbourne
  Matthew Geier

On 3/5/21 3:50 pm, TP wrote:
> The layout of this short 26 metre version of the E class would not be

> amenable to adding additional modules later because of the need to add

> an additional bogie to support the centre of the two module vehicle.

> It would look like this:


An extra module can be added easily. It just has one bogie like the
leading module in the illustration. You could have 'n' number of modules
all with one bogie, except the last one. I'm not sure how stable this
configuration would be, it may need some creative yaw damping.

I note that  in the UK there have been a spate of yaw damper mounting
point cracks on railway rolling stock, two different CAF builds and the
Hitachi IEC trains have suffered yaw damper problems.