Route 1 is Number 1
  Mal Rowe

I am occasionally asked for advice on which are the best tram routes for a tourist to ride in Melbourne.

Top of the list for me is route 1 to South Melbourne Beach.

Today I took my own advice and rode / walked some of the best of the route.

First pic shows 2104 swinging from Park St into Montague St via a roundabout and passing the Montague Hotel.

The garden in the foreground is one of many being installed to naturally clean up storm water before it runs into the bay.

Second pic shows 2004 in Montague St passing through St Vincent Gardens - one of the more expensive addresses in Melbourne.

For out-of-towners - yes this is the Montague St of low bridge fame ... but a few km south.

Mal Rowe - enjoying the tourist experience

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2104 ParkSt SouthMelbourne 1May2021  |  1424W x 1050H  | 573.74 KB |  Photo details
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2004 MontagueSt SouthMelbourne 1May2021  |  1457W x 1050H  | 425.54 KB |  Photo details