E Class Destination flicker WAS Re: 2x30 = 2x60
  Yuri Sos

On Fri, 30 Apr 2021 16:20:49 +1000, Mal Rowe wrote:

>I particularly like the pic of the two Es

>with the old fire station in

>the background.

For showing off the façade of the Fire Services Museum I actually prefer the following shot with the two Cs , the afternoon light highlighting the Victorian architecture beautifully.

>Ah yes - checking the EXIF data on Yuri's photo, I see that the shutter

>speed was 1/80 sec - so that's the main reason he was able to get most

>of the destination.

I had dialled down the ISO to 200 to capture as much foliage detail as possible for the A class at Landsdowne Street shot (I'll often shoot at 320-400 ISO for adequate shutter speed/aperture combination) and given the bright light had forgotten to up it again. Slow shutter speeds work for things coming directly towards you masking any motion blur or poor tracking focus. With "approach" shots I'll often lift my finger off shutter button for a second to allow focus tracking to reset then press it again (my Sony is much faster than my old Nikon for doing this).

Attached is a compilation of ~3 seconds of shooting at 6 fps at 1/80th second (I actually took 35 photos so about 6 seconds at MD medium speed). The image I chose is arrowed (was image #6651). Actually image #6634's destination was just as good but a bit far away and I preferred composition of the image I posted.


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