Re: 2x30 = 2x60
  Mal Rowe

> On 30/4/21 4:20 pm, Mal Rowe wrote:

>> The pic with a readable destination on an E is interesting - I had

>> assumed that there was never a moment when more than half the

>> destination was lit up.

On 30/04/2021 16:35, Matthew Geier wrote:

> The 'trick' is to slow down your shutter speed so the entire display

> gets scanned while the shutter is open. This is some what of a

> challenge if the subject is moving. :-)


Ah yes - checking the EXIF data on Yuri's photo, I see that the shutter
speed was 1/80 sec - so that's the main reason he was able to get most
of the destination.

I have found that 1/60 sec is needed to get the lot.

My gif at was created by combining two shots at
1/25 sec ... enabled by having a convenient pole to brace the camera

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