2x30 = 2x60
  Yuri Sos

I had occasion to visit East Melbourne again and cruised along Victoria Parade checking out the autumn colours; a brilliant sunny day with that lovely autumn light.

The colours are starting to turn so should be bright orange in a week or two. Here's A2.240 inbound crossing Landsdowne Street on a route 12 service past one of the endangered heritage overhead supports Yarra Trams hasn't removed yet(!):
(2,000x1,250pxl; 2.06MB)

At St Vincent's Plaza E2.6089 was departing inbound on a route 30 service while another E on a 96 service was waiting outside the Fire Services Museum:
(2,000x1,250pxl; 1.50MB)

And shortly thereafter C.3017 with C.3007 trailing behind outbound on a route 109 service (they always seem to "hunt in packs" on the 109 then no tram for 40 minutes):
(2,000x1,250pxl; 1.43MB)

E2.6087 outbound on a route 30 was the next to arrive, encased by the gorgeous canopy of greenery (a motor drive on fast enabled me to get at least one photo with something approaching a reasonable destination visible):
(2,000x1,250pxl; 2.16MB)

I was able to snap E2.6062 and E2.6087 side by side each on a route 30. It has previously not been possible to have two E classes in service side-by-side here as outbound route 96 trams pass out of shot on their own track:
(2,000x1,250pxl; 1.47MB)

Is it coincidence or are Yarra Trams using (relatively) new E classes on route 30 (6062,6087,6089 during today's visit)?


(planning to go back over the next few weeks to record the change of foliage colour)

PS The last time I was here it was a pair of A classes side-by-side with the last run of A classes on route 30:
(2,000x1,333pxl; 1.75M)