RE: Driver trapped in Sydney CBD car and light rail collision

Surprised the did not use the old tram/ train served to hit me as an excuse

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“Medical episode” doesn’t cut it with me, that was the excuse used by the murdering slag who ran down and killed my mother on a signalled pedestrian crossing.

From the evidence excluded by the judge and defence barrister (a slimy ex-cop) from being heard by the jury it was pretty obvious this whore’s “medical condition” was a hangover, but the bitch, who admitted she’d been drinking at a party the night before, managed to avoid a breath test at the time of the killing, probably by giving a round of blow jobs to the corrupt, worthless and incompetent cops who “investigated” the incident.

As a result this murdering whore was acquitted by a jury of its “peers” - all smug, middle class, car driving deadshits - such is justice in NSW.

The only good thing here is this moron in the car was cleaned up by the tram before any real damage was done to anyone who matters, like a motorcyclist. If it was a bus in a general traffic lane struck instead of a tram on reserved track the issue of separating cars from buses wouldn’t have even occurred to this commenter.

The car should not have been where it was, if motorists are so incompetent they can’t stay on the right part of the road they shouldn’t be driving anything.


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Tv news said the driver may have suffered a medical episode. Perhaps not letting cars share the same spaces would reduce the number of accidents LOL.


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Note the well-informed comment from this clown :

Al Kidder


That just shows what a brilliant idea it was to put cars and trains in the same space.

That the motorist chose to place himself in the “train space” doesn’t seem to count.

Maybe the “wrong space” for that driver was behind the steering wheel (that device used to guide where the car is located) of the car.


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