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Fri.22.1.21 Metro Twitter
4.35 Buses are replacing trains Frankston - Stony Point (an 'operational incident'). [a derailment of a Comeng in the yard].  They are adding an extra 20 minutes travel time.
- Still issues? No mention of the 5.40 train from Edithvale. 
- 7.30 & 12.00 & 15.00 & 18.00 Still buses.
- 23.30 Buses are now replacing trains Mordialloc - Frankston.
- 23.34 Trains look unlikely to resume until well into the morning. Has a train derailed?
- It is a derailment. No wonder the line is set to be blocked into tomorrow. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s multiple days.
- 23.46 Anticipate buses to replace trains until at least 9am.
- 23.54 & 3.00  Three buses are in operation, adding 30 min to journey times.
- Just why? You can turn back at Seaford and Kananook
- Seaford is no longer a terminating location with the moving of sidings to Kananook, and to protect the workers at Frankston, overhead power has been de-energised in the area affecting Kananook.
- What about Carrum? There are trains that terminate there during evening peaks.
- 6.41 Sat. Thankfully happened on the down side, blocking only the Stony Point line tracks.  Both platforms at Frankston remained still in use on Friday until the salvage effort took place.
- A few photos of the aftermath of a Comeng train shunting at Frankston last night, which decided to travel on multiple tracks, resulting in one carriage of the train derailing, blocking the down end.
- 12.49 Sat. Stony Point services now cancelled until at least mid to late afternoon.
6.35 Buses to replace trains Sandringham - Elsternwick (a person hit by a train). Buses have been ordered, but will take over 50 min to arrive.  Consider alternatives.
- 7.15, 8.40 & 9.00 Replacement buses are operating, adding travel time. Trains will operate Flinders St - Elsternwick, with delays.
- 10.12 Trains are resuming.  The first is 10.35 ex Sandringham.
13.53 Hurstbridge line: Delays clearing after a police action at Dennis.  Trains may terminate/originate at intermediate stations.
14.10 Frankston line: Major delays (police actions near Malvern and near Southland).
- 14.21 clearing.
18.14  Lilydale line: Major delays (police near Croydon). Trains will be held.
- 18.23 clearing.  Trains may terminate/originate at Ringwood.
Buses replace trains on sections of the Frankston line from 20.30 until the last train of Sun 24 Jan (works).
Pakenham/Cranbourne lines: Buses replace trains Burnley / South Yarra - Caulfield from 20.30 until the last train of Sun 24 Jan (works). Take any train to Burnley to connect with express buses.
22.38 Sunbury Line: Major delays (a track-equipment fault at Albion).

Poor old Parramatta Road - our could-be high street pays a heavy toll. Elizabeth Farrelly January 22, 2021

Labor's cheap fares policy as subtle as a sledgehammer. Peter de Kruijff January 22, 2021
The WA Labor election machine has shown little signs of rust while the party continues to stay two moves ahead of the struggling Liberals in a one-sided contest.
Premier Mark McGowan kicked off 'Metronet week' with a cheap Transperth fares scheme that both targets Opposition Leader Zak Kirkup's narrowly held seat in Dawesville, and also other marginal outer-metropolitan areas in the north and south-east.
Transport was one hot topic this week but the homelessness issue has had most of the media coverage.CREDIT:WATODAY
Labor’s $60.3 million commitment spread evenly over three years would see all fares capped at a two-zone price of between $4.90 and $3.90 next financial year, with lower-cost fares expected in the following years.
An extra 2.3 million annual patrons would be generated through the scheme even though 1.7 million less people are using Transperth following the COVID lockdown.
Mr McGowan was as subtle as a sledgehammer when he launched the policy at the Mandurah Train Station on Sunday and used the example of a Dawesville resident who could save more than $3000 a year on their commute bill thanks to Labor.
Mr Kirkup holds Dawesville by 343 votes.
Labor has a shot at the seat and is also feeling confident in retaining the northern seats of Joondalup and Kingsley — where Mr McGowan announced a $38 million car park for Greenwood Station.
The Liberal-held Hillarys is another real target while Labor is also gaining confidence on its chance to retake Darling Range which benefited from an $18 million road announcement in Byford this week.
More and more Metronet projects have been added to the pile by Labor over the past four years but so far the government has had several construction dates pushed back and is yet to deliver on the perennially delayed Forrestfield-Airport link, which was started by the previous government.
Reds under the bed
The Opposition Leader came out on Thursday alleging WA Labor had targeted his campaign and electorate offices through acts of vandalism including graffiti and the stealing of fuses.
The acts themselves are juvenile but Mr Kirkup did not provide any evidence to show how Labor was behind them and said he didn't think the accusation was a "stretch".
"It's a targeted political attack on a campaign office and district office that's putting people's safety at risk," he said.
The strange moment on the campaign trail was an odd way to finish a week which included a big transport infrastructure promise for the Liberals.
Mr Kirkup started with a big $900 million commitment which was to take Labor's December promise of $455 million for 7000 kilometres of regional road in two years, double the figure, and spread it over four years.
Labor provided WAtoday with a breakdown of the $1 billion, which actually included an extra $22.2 million, but the figures are not what they first seem.
* METRONET Progress
2017 election promise    Status    Cost
Complete the Airport line to Forrestfield    Delayed, first trains to run in late 2021    $1,860,000,000
Start construction of a Thornlie-Cockburn circle line route    Work started in 2020    $716,000,000
Morley and Ellenbrook line construction expected to commence in 2019    Enabling works started in November, 2020    $624,800,000
Yanchep extension construction expected to commence in 2019    Major construction started in early 2020    $531,700,000
Extension of the line to Byford. Construction expected to commence in 2021    Main contract expected to be awarded in 2021    $481,000,000
Manufacture rail cars in WA    Construction of rail car making facility started early 2020    $410,000,000
Fix rail crossings including Denny Avenue in Kelmscott, Caledonian Avenue in Maylands, Oats Street in Victoria Park, and Wharf Street in Queens Park    Denny construction started and procurement under way for Oats Street and Wharf Street    $100,600,000(#)
New METRONET station at Karnup    Business case in progress    N/A
(#): Cost of Denny Avenue only        
Source: metronet.wa.gov.au
RELATED ARTICLE Bus and train use has been hemorrhaging since the pandemic. Labor hopes lower fares will get Transperth back on the rails

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