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  Timothy Strait

Hey guys,

Mal the official line from Yarra Trams is that E's will
start on the 58 later on in the year and the route is to be run with only
E's & B's.I also understand that a totally new substation has been
installed on Melville Road near Hope St on the site of the old Hope St bus
lines yard,which possibly could lessen the need for Reynard St and as all
the conduit and other works have already been done at Reynard/Melville once
a site is chosen it won't take long to set up.Regarding the new depot
site,is the Plastic Plumbing site still vacant?Also is there any progress
on the upgrade works at Bwk,maybe this will be the new depot....

Regards Tim

On Thu, 29 Apr 2021, 10:57 Mal Rowe, mal.rowe@...> wrote:


> On 29/04/2021 09:21, timmy1041 wrote:

> > Mal there is also the last of the work on route 58

> > with power and stop upgrades and relocations in South Yarra/Toorak to

> > finally get E's on to the route 2 years after they were first

> > officially announced.


> They still have not started work on the new sub at Reynard St - so

> expect further delays to rolling out the Es on 58.


> > Also with the North Melbourne upgrades I have heard that it also may

> > be to increase the power through the area to allow it to be used as an

> > E Class diversion route when they start running to the Showgrounds and

> > Flemington Racecourse should the usual Haymarket route be blocked and

> > also maybe put a bit more on Flemington Road.It will be awesome to see

> > them running to Moonee Valley races which along with the specials on

> > the 57 is likely to happen later in the year along with their start on

> > the 58.

> >

> That's possible, but Es would not be permitted to load or unload

> passengers in North Melbourne unless all the stops are lengthened.


> Mal Rowe - still waiting for the new "North West Depot" site announcement


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