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  Bill Johnson

Back in 1947/8 when Latrobe St was being laid for trams, a shockingly protracted affair, the crossover at the then end at Spencer St was a great hole for weeks, maybe months. I worked nearby and at lunch time would check on the non-progress. A very different intersection these days and one I confess to being rather ignorant about. Haven't been there for decades. Apart from the two curves apparently there must be double track straight ahead in Spencer St to make sense of Mal's recent 'half a grand junction'. Some years later I was again near it when working for CIG (industrial gases) just around the corner (now Remand centre) and the in joke was 'what would happen if a cat swallowed carbide? It would have set of lean kittens! (acetylene).

Bill J

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On 05/04/2021 11:16, Mal Rowe wrote:
> The intersection of Spencer St and LaTrobe St is to close from tonight

> until Sunday 18th of April.


Here's today's pic - another slow start on a project.

The small digger at left was using the biggest hole saw I have ever seen and the suction truck at right was ... sucking.

I assume some drainage services need to be relocated before the big dig begins.

Markings on the road seem to indicate that the new layout won't be much different to the current one.

Mal Rowe - who will return to check again

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