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  Bob Pearce

Hmm I think you may be right, as I pack my crib and head off for a 1500 to 0200 shift.

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Now now Dear, it sounds like you need a Bex and a lie down.😁


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As I understand the situation, it was a political move by the NSW Govt because the people of NSW would (probably) not accept the trams were NOT ok for Sydney, but quite suitable for Melbourne.

It seems that the only people who didn’t believe the trams were okay for Sydney was the Govt., everyone else was quite happy with them.

Like Brisbane, it was only after the trams had gone, was it realised what a an absolute balls-up the decision made to the road traffic.

It wasn’t because the buses couldn’t cope which they couldn’t but those who had bought and were using cars, wouldn’t leave them at home thereby contributing to the debacle on the roads; bit like today really to some degree.

With the extension of the railway north to Yanchep now being built, I am curious as to where the traffic jam that seems to go as far out as the next extension of the freeway goes, actually starts.
So far it seems, for every extension of the freeway, and for every extra lane provided, more road traffic travels on it and the traffic jam gets closer to the new freeway start each time.

I am rapidly thinking that the harder it is to use the roads, the quicker the cretins might change to PT, especially rail. It just doesn’t seem to be happening, no matter how difficult it is to get through the morning or evening peaks, that’s the issue.

Perhaps a charge for one person cars might be in order…………..

Oh heavens, wot I wrote.

Bob in Perth

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That's a Comeng photo by the way. More of these in Dunn's book.

Tony P

On Tuesday, 6 April 2021 at 09:56:27 UTC+10 TP wrote:
The shame is that Melbourne didn't take them - a more modern-looking, comfortable and better-designed tram than the Ws of the time.

Tony P

On Tuesday, 6 April 2021 at 08:52:30 UTC+10 Michael Giddey wrote:
Uploaded from Pinterest. Sydney's last traditional tram nearing completion at Comeng's works at Clyde. It was to have been the 100th car of 250 but the rest of the order was cancelled at enormous penalty costs. It didn't survive until the end of the system less than 8 years later. It was burnt after a comparatively minor argument with a truck. Some older W cars are still running in Melbourne. What a waste! STM has sister cars 2001 and 2044.

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