Re: Re: Why cities planning to spend billions on light rail should look again at what buses can do

This report leaves out the major reason that discourages use of public transport COMFORT. As an older user of Public Transport I can assure the writers of this article ( who I would suspect do not regularly use buses) buses bounce and swerve from side to side on the road. This makes it difficult to sit comfortably, or stand and negotiate to the doorways prior to the stop to alight. This is a major reason older peple do not use buses and prefer Trains and Trams. 

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rail should look again at what buses can do Academic provides compelling reason why universities should be closed. There's an elephant in the room that's completely ignored by those arguing for "BRT" - capacity. The ignorant overlooking this issue can be excused but for an academic it should be at the root of the analysis.

You have a city corridor. You look at the population and development along and around it. You look at the future urban planning around the corridor. Is there going to be more consolidation, higher population, more activity centres, a new university (said without irony), or is it going to remain much as it is for generations ahead (Adelaide lol)? So then you work out how many people need to move along the corridor and what the future growth projections for this figure are, considering the planning intentions. Then you need to work out the likely passenger demand on the corridor which brings us to mode. Does it need trains, trams or buses (or a combination of these)?

You can run all of these modes at similar headways (vehicles per hour) but the vehicle capacities are markedly different, thus will move different numbers of commuters per hour. A train will carry hundreds of people, a tram anything from about 200 to about 400, a bus from 50 or less to about 150 or so (the latter double-articulated, not legal on Australian roads, needs special exclusive roadway). So there's the analysis. All for the cost of a pension, not an academic salary.
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