Re: Re: Why cities planning to spend billions on light rail should look again at what buses can do
  Matthew Geier

On 6/4/21 10:16 am, TP wrote:
> Academic provides compelling reason why universities should be closed.

> There's an elephant in the room that's completely ignored by those

> arguing for "BRT" - capacity. The ignorant overlooking this issue can

> be excused but for an academic it should be at the root of the analysis.

I wonder if said academic studied at the ITS centre at Sydney ?

Follow the money. Most Australian Unis now have to prostitute them
selves to earn the money to keep the place running as the government
doesn't provide enough. It doesn't pay to turn out research critical of
the industry who's corporate sponsorship pays your wages.

The same governments (of all major party persuasions) have also neutered
the public service to stop them from being able to give 'fearless and
independent' advice to their ministers. Hire in a consultant, looking
towards the next job who will work out what the customer wants to hear
and provide that recommendation.