Re: Ron # 71 - L101. F201
  Geoff Olsen

The telegraphic code word reminds me of a story that I was once told.
Obviously these codes were used rather than a full description as cables,
which were the latest communications technology in the day, were charged for
by the word. However one had to be careful as when one thought that one was
ordering a hammer a small error could see one receiving a traction engine.

Some of them were quite clever. The engineers suppliers in Sydney J.
Blackwood used "Ebony" which of course is a very dark coloured if not black

Geoff O.

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On 05/04/2021 12:52, Tony Galloway wrote:
> There were MCB variants of the Brill 27 truck with drop equalisers for

> interurban cars as well

Yes - these featured the big Brill selling point - solid forged frames.

The MMTB probably decided to save money by using fabricated frames with
a forged equaliser bar.

Here's a pic of an ALCO version of an MCB from Charlton's book. As far
as I can see it's a dead ringer for an MMTB No 1A truck.

Notes on the W history say that the pattern trucks were imported from
New York and that fits with ALCO.

The MMTB's faith in the design seems to have been justified with these
trucks being used in Melbourne passenger service for over 60 years - and
still in use wherever a W2 runs.

Mal Rowe

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