Re: Mystery Truck - D Class 123 as built as a trailer at Clyde Engineering, Granville c1899 (MAAS).jpg
  Anthony Dudley Horscroft

The McGuire Cummings No 19 Solid Steel Columbian Truck - which may be
what is referred to,appeared to be in two completely different designs.

The earlier - according to my reading of the digrams, did have two coil
springs either side of the axleboxes.  However, there was a small coil
spring on top of the axlebox, and the lower side frame was cranked up to
go over the top of the axlebox.  in between and outside the boxes it was
in line with the box, not under the box.  Text also refers to the No 11
trailer truck - and it is not easy to determine whether the diagram is
the No 11 truck or the early version of the No 19 - A.  This however,
has a heavy straight side bar completely aboce the axleboxes,  it has
the pair of coil springs, but the lower side frame is no more than a
connecting rod between the axle box hornways.


Dudley horscroft

On 4/04/2021 4:44 pm, Mal Rowe wrote:

> On 04/04/2021 09:44, Bill Bolton wrote:

>> It's the unpowered truck that was installed under Sydney D Class car

>> 123, the only arch-roof D car.  The location is the Clyde Engineering

>> erecting yard at Granville.


> I looked up Century of NSW tramcars Vol 1 - and made a couple of

> discoveries.


> Firstly, Century 1 says that D 123 had a Peckham truck - perhaps in

> later years but not when built as a trailer as Bill's photo shows a

> Brill truck.


> Secondly, some of the Sydney E class were fitted with two different

> types of McGuire trucks - the A1 and the Columbia.


> I found a pic of the A1 type in Charlton and it's not a match.


> Perhaps the McGuire Columbia is our mystery truck - especially if

> Bill's identification of Clyde's Granville site is true.


> Mal Rowe - still sleuthing