Re: Mystery Truck - D Class 123 as built as a trailer at Clyde Engineering, Granville c1899 (MAAS).jpg

Good work Mal, but no, the Columbian truck is on page 73. There is much to
see in the photo that gives some clues as to the location, that I think has
been worked out. However, the Truck is still definitely the puzzle.

The truck appears freshly painted in situ. Note the paint drips on the
rail. It appears to have only light handbrake equipment and certainly no
track brake. The traction motors are quite small for the era. The wheels
with large tyres and thick flanges in the background are star spoked
railway wheel sets. The track gauge appears to be standard.

My research so far has eliminated the Saywell, Box Hill, Brisbane and early
Nth Sydney cars.

Is this for a vehicle built for export?

Still searching.
On Sunday, April 4, 2021 at 4:44:58 PM UTC+10 Mal Rowe wrote:


> On 04/04/2021 09:44, Bill Bolton wrote:

> > It's the unpowered truck that was installed under Sydney D Class car

> > 123, the only arch-roof D car. The location is the Clyde Engineering

> > erecting yard at Granville.


> I looked up Century of NSW tramcars Vol 1 - and made a couple of

> discoveries.


> Firstly, Century 1 says that D 123 had a Peckham truck - perhaps in

> later years but not when built as a trailer as Bill's photo shows a

> Brill truck.


> Secondly, some of the Sydney E class were fitted with two different

> types of McGuire trucks - the A1 and the Columbia.


> I found a pic of the A1 type in Charlton and it's not a match.


> Perhaps the McGuire Columbia is our mystery truck - especially if Bill's

> identification of Clyde's Granville site is true.


> Mal Rowe - still sleuthing