Re: Mystery Truck - D Class 123 as built as a trailer at Clyde Engineering, Granville c1899 (MAAS).jpg
  Mal Rowe

On 04/04/2021 09:44, Bill Bolton wrote:
> It's the unpowered truck that was installed under Sydney D Class car

> 123, the only arch-roof D car. The location is the Clyde Engineering

> erecting yard at Granville.

I looked up Century of NSW tramcars Vol 1 - and made a couple of

Firstly, Century 1 says that D 123 had a Peckham truck - perhaps in
later years but not when built as a trailer as Bill's photo shows a
Brill truck.

Secondly, some of the Sydney E class were fitted with two different
types of McGuire trucks - the A1 and the Columbia.

I found a pic of the A1 type in Charlton and it's not a match.

Perhaps the McGuire Columbia is our mystery truck - especially if Bill's
identification of Clyde's Granville site is true.

Mal Rowe - still sleuthing