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  Mal Rowe

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> I was thinking maybe Peckham, but a check against photos revealed major differences. Other options could be Brush, BTH, St Louis or Westinghouse but I have no pictures of them. It could also be a continental truck builder but that would be doubtful for a Sydney car.


The truck under D123 is clearly different to Mick's mystery truck.

Mick has not said that his photo was  from Sydney; it could be from anywhere.

I am copyng this email to the Eurotrams group to see if anyone recognises the design.

See Mick's pic at:

I have searched the 'tramcar truck bible'  (E Harper Charlton's Electric Railroad Car Trucks) and cannot find anything that look right.

The design - a fabricated frame with castings bolted on means it was probably an early model - 1890s.

I have enlarged part of the photo to show what could be a makers name on the wheel - "xxx GILBERT xxx".

Mal Rowe - puzzled

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