Mal's discoveries in the 'South Island' OT
  Roger Greenwood

If Mal had ventured further afield to Zeehan on the West Coast he might've
found evidence of a former 2ft 6in gauge steam tram that ran in the main
street. Its purpose was to connect various silver/lead/zinc mines to the
smelter and the railway station but it also conveyed passengers between the
station and the numerous pubs.

At its height the railway station supported two gauge n four lines:

* 2ft 6in Zeehan steam tram and Mt Dundas steam tram
* 3ft 6in Emu Bay Railway Company and TGR railway, Strahan-Zeehan

Although the attached image is tagged c1930, I think the steam tram and a
lot of Zeehan had gone by then.

The building almost directly behind the loco is the Grand Hotel encompassing
the Gaiety Theatre, still there. A couple of years ago I attended a
performance at the Gaiety Theatre of arias made famous by Dame Nellie Melba
who never quite made it to Zeehan.


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