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> Sydney Harbour bridge 'life expired'.

> Responding to rumours that the bridge can't survive past its 2032 centenary, the premier responded strongly.

> "We have listened to expert advice.  This icon of Sydney is not about to fall down.  We cannot replace one beam at a time like the perpetual repainting.  We are building a metro so that trains can be removed from the bridge, with passengers transferring seamlessly to the metro at Chatswood.  We are building a second road tunnel so that the much-hated Cahill Expressway can be demolished.  We are now in active planning for a second rail tunnel and a third road tunnel.  This will allow removal of Circular Quay railway station, further opening the city to the harbour".

> Current planning is retain the arch, but remove the deck to reduce the active load.  It will be replaced with a lightweight pedestrian and bicycle deck, more arched than the current one, to allow larger cruise ships to access Darling Harbour.  It is likely that an opening section will be included, to allow the largest ships through when needed.  This removes the need for the controversial new terminal in Botany Bay.

> "This is a win for everybody, and will maintain Sydney's status as Australia's truly global city.  The iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House will remain forever as the world symbols of Australia".

> (Press release)