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There was clearly the sharing of ideas between various Australian tramway operators. I would be interested to know the origin of the flat roof concept used on Sydney P class cars and the Adelaide F & F1 classes. Also the use of General Electric PC5 equipment in both cities. Sydney didn't use Brill 77 type trucks as the ones for the P cars had to be extremely compact to fit between the trussed side frames which had to allow for a reasonable width of external footboard within a 9 foot maximum allowable width.

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Of course they did as is obvious from the two designs. From my book on the PMTT, I think I noted that Cameron and his engineer visited Goodman in Adelaide several times to gain info on electric trams as they developed. It can also be noted that most of the Trust’s early trams were built in Adelaide by Duncan & Fraser, as were the Hawthorn Trust’s trams. D&C also built trams for Ballarat if I am correct.

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