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  Mal Rowe

On 01/04/2021 15:53, Radcliffe, John (L&W, Waite Campus) wrote:

> Do you think Alex Cameron and William Goodman may have compared design notes? The first Adelaide F type “dropcentre” car entered service on 22 May 1922, about 13 months after L101.MTT reports show that there were eight Adelaide F type cars in traffic by 30 June 1922.


I'm sure that would be the case John.

You raise an interesting point about drop-centre designs.  I think that both the L class and F type were influenced by earlier designs.

The Hawthorn Tramways Trust bogie cars had four drop centre doorways like the L and F trams.

I have attached a sketch of what the Ls originally looked like. The Ls were later converted to 3 drop centre doorways and that became the Melbourne standard until sliding doors.

The other earlier bogie cars with 4 drop-centre doorways were the VR cars, dating from 1917.  See

Two of the panels on each side of the VR bogie cars were just posts - because the VR trams had shorter truck centres than the MMTB or Adelaide trams.

All three types used Brill 77E trucks.  Were they the original trucks used on the F type?

I am certain that there was a lot of sharing of ideas in that era.

Mal Rowe - wondering why Sydney's influence seems to have been limited to Brisbane.

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