Re: 309 and Foys
  Mal Rowe

On Sun, Feb 21, 2021 at 6:57 PM espee8800 espee8800@...> wrote:

But the Southern Cross hotel is on the NW corner of Collins and Elizabeth Sts.  I've stayed there in a room overlooking the intersection.

On 23/02/2021 01:17, Ronald Stux wrote:
> There's a Southern Cross hotel on Collins and Elizabeth? I remember one on the corner of Bourke and Exhibition long gone now. Is this a new one (relatively)?


It's not a hotel I am aware of.

The building on the NW corner of Elizabeth and Collins St is the rather bland white office block visible above the first articulation joint in the attached pic of 5001.

It has a bank branch on the ground floor.

Mal Rowe - hoping for clarification from David.

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