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  Peter Bruce


On Sun, 21 Feb 2021 at 21:09, Mal Rowe mal.rowe@...> wrote:

> On 17/02/2021 14:35, Mal Rowe wrote:

> > This pic just says "Bendigo" to me - with an ancient tram winding

> > along Eaglehawk Rd at Long Gully, which fades off into gravel at the

> > edges and with poppet heads and St Matthews church on the horizon.

> >


> The attached pic is from the collection of SLV and shows Long Gully from

> the air. Off the road, it's like a moonscape with crushed quartz spoil

> from the gold mines covering vast areas.


> That's what I recall from the late 1960s, but much of it is now

> re-vegetated and redeveloped.


> If you look carefully both poppet heads in my pic are visible, with the

> one about 3/4 the way to top left marking the location of the Manchester

> mine and Manchester loop.


> The Long Gully loop is at bottom centre and the building with WITCH SOAP

> on the roof is the site of the petrol station.


> Mal Rowe - remembering a great tram ride again


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