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  Mal Rowe

On 17/02/2021 14:35, Mal Rowe wrote:
> This pic just says "Bendigo" to me - with an ancient tram winding along Eaglehawk Rd  at Long Gully, which fades off into gravel at the edges and with poppet heads and St Matthews church on the horizon.


The attached pic is from the collection of SLV and shows Long Gully from the air.  Off the road, it's like a moonscape with crushed quartz spoil from the gold mines covering vast areas.

That's what I recall from the late 1960s, but much of it is now re-vegetated and redeveloped.

If you look carefully both poppet heads in my pic are visible, with the one about 3/4 the way to top left marking the location of the Manchester mine and Manchester loop.

The Long Gully loop is at bottom centre and the building with WITCH SOAP on the roof is the site of the petrol station.

Mal Rowe - remembering a great tram ride again

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