Combinos [Was: Hello Old Friend]
  Mal Rowe

On 19/02/2021 18:43, Yuri Sos wrote:
> Siemens sold Swanston Trams what they ordered: it was incompetent muppets in the private companies set up by Herr Kennett who couldn't specify their way out of a paper bag.  Similarly we're stick with crap Citadis for the same reason.


To be fair, at the time that M-tram ordered the Combinos and Yarr ordered the original Citadis trams they were the current design.

The Combino Plus (later called "Avenio" after the Combino name became sales poison) was a later design to overcome some of Siemens' design problems.

IMHO the biggest problem of the Siemens design is the severe level of intrusion into the passenger compartment by the bogies - a problem shared with the CAF design but overcome in other designs by (in order of success - low to high)  Alstom, Bombardier and Skoda.

Mal Rowe - who always hopes for a B in Sydney Rd

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