Re: A bit of fun
  Ronald Stux

You are correct, I forgot about that. But it's still a 4 hour drive away.
Did go there to ride them several years ago. They have built an additional
section since then.

On Fri, Feb 19, 2021, 5:20 PM Peter Ehrlich milantram1859@...> wrote:

> Hey, you have Tampa with its Gomaco replica double-truce Birneys, which

> sound like Milan Peter Witts, because they were built using motors and

> truck from scrapped Witts. Haven’t been there since 2003. I had intended

> to go last year, but then the pandemic hit.


> Milantram


> > On Feb 19, 2021, at 4:43 PM, Ronald Stux randestux@...> wrote:

> >

> > Brewster? I used to drive through there all the time when I lived in MA.

> We have a son in the DC area, and I always went down 84, 684 Saw Mill

> Parkway - beautiful drive, but getting more and more crowded as time went

> by - and over the Tappan Zee Bridge which has also been rebuilt I believe.

> Been a long time now as we moved to South Florida in 2005. Nothing remotely

> resembling a tram down here, although there was a pipe dream about one in

> Fort Lauderdale a while back which has come to nothing.

> >

> > Cheers,

> >

> > Ron Stux - got second shot today and cautiously making plans to visit in

> 2022 (Melbourne that is, not Brewster)


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