Re: 6092
  Matthew Geier

On 13/1/21 5:01 pm, Mal Rowe wrote:


> The pic also demonstrates that both articulation joints on the Es bend

> in the  vertical plane.


> The 5 section Citadis trams only have one joint that allows this.


> Does anyone know what the CAF models allow?


The Urbos 100 is the same as the Citadis - only one 'twist' joint.

I assume the customer can order one with two such joints, but your
average Urbos 100 (or Citadis 30x) customer usually isn't an 'informed

I believe all 5 section, fixed bogie articulated trams only have one
twist joint as standard unless the customer specifies otherwise.

The Sydney Variotram was modified in the design phase by John Dunn to
have two twist joints after he observed a track design fault when
passing through Sydney. However Urbos 3 delivered to Sydney run over
that track with only one twisting joint. I assume the rest of the track
twist is taken up in the secondary suspension springs.