Re: Princes Highway Crossing Signal Replacement – December 2020
  Alex Cowie

In Adelaide there are quite a few tram and heavy rail crossings which have
gates, flashing lights and traffic signals, often where there is either an
adjacent signalised road junction or pedestrian crossing. The traffic
lights in these situations go to red to prevent queueing across the tracks.

Alex C

On Monday, January 11, 2021 at 1:34:40 PM UTC+10:30 John Radcliffe wrote:

> Attached is another example in a somewhat more highly trafficked Adelaide

> location than Mal Rowe's example. This is where adjacent to Unley Park

> railway station, Cross Road, (the main road link from the Adelaide Hills at

> Glen Osmond to the coast at Glenelg) crosses the broad gauge AdelaideMetro

> line to Belair and the standard gauge line to Melbourne. There is an offset

> road intersection also controlled by traffic lights a couple of hundred

> metres behind the photographic position.


> John Radcliffe