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Sat.3.10.20 Metro Twitter
Buses replace trains North Melbourne - Werribee/Williamstown until the last train of Sun 4 Oct (works).
Buses replace trains North Melbourne - Sunshine until the last train of Sun 4 Oct (maintenance works).
Buses replace trains on sections of the Upfield line until the last train of Sun 15 Nov (level-crossing works at Coburg and Moreland).
Buses replace trains Epping - Mernda until the last train of Sun 4 Oct (works).
Buses replace trains Dandenong - Pakenham from 20.00 until 7.00 Sat 3 Oct (works).
9.21 Traffic changes are in place on Princes Hwy, Dandenong, near South Gippsland Highway (level-crossing works). Traffic is reduced to two lanes in both directions, with speed set at 60 km/h. Please merge with care. 
14.32 Buses replace trains Frankston - Stony Point (an equipment fault). Buses have been ordered, but may take over 60 min to arrive.  Consider alternatives.
- 15.27 Buses are replacing trains, adding 40 min to travel time.
- 17.03 Trains to resume.  The first service will be the 17.21 ex Frankston.
Werribee Street, Werribee, closes at the level crossing from 19.00 to 7.00 Sun. while we install new bridge structures over the road as part of the level-crossing removal.
Buses replace trains Dandenong - Pakenham from 20.00 until 7.00 Sun 4 Oct (works)
Works are progressing on the new Coburg and Moreland stations. Current station works include the installation of roofing, cladding, glazing, lighting and electrical elements. Restoration works on the heritage buildings at Coburg and Moreland are also ongoing.
State Library station is taking shape almost 40 metres below Swanston Street following a number of tunnel breakthroughs. Two road headers are excavating the station’s platform tunnels that run alongside the central cavern.

London's iconic red buses and Tube under threat from coronavirus budget crisis Bevan Shields October 3, 2020

South Bank pools to double capacity, buses and ferries to remain cashless. Toby Crockford October 3, 2020
Capacity at the three council-owned pools at South Bank Parklands will double under the state government's Stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions, while council-operated buses, ferries and CityCats will remain cashless and continue their rear-boarding policy.
Brisbane City Council issued the update on Friday afternoon after the Stage 4 restrictions, which are due to remain in place until November 1, came into effect on Thursday.
The easing of restrictions saw the border bubble expand to include five new major northern New South Wales communities – Byron Shire, Ballina, the city of Lismore, Richmond Valley and Glen Innes – while In addition, a no-cash policy on council buses, CityCats and ferries, as well as existing rear boarding and social-distancing measures, will remain in effect.
Queensland's public transport network recorded a drop in patronage of almost 20 per cent over the past year, costing more than $71 million in fare revenue.
The network's total targeted patronage was set at 193 million trips, but only 152 million were actually taken – down from 189 million in 2018-19.
RELATED ARTICLE Quiet streets in March left buses, trains and ferries travelling empty. COVID-19 takes a toll on public transport, speed camera revenue in Qld
* Outrageous! Playing Russian Roulette with our health! Everything needs to be shut down until it can be guaranteed to be 100% safe. Which means no Covid-19 anywhere. Anywhere in the world. For at least 10 years.

OCTOBER 3 2020 This week in COVID-19: rapid testing and trans-Tasman travel. Julia Kanapathippillai

OCTOBER 3 2020 Germany marks 30 years since reunification. Geir Moulson [This item doesn't cover transport, but reunification resulted in huge changes]

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