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Alasdair Loch was a Australian but he worked all around the world
(including Hollywood and UK) and no doubt he was pitching at an
international market. I think the trolleybuses were just a coincidence as
he was filming around that part of the city.

Tony P

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> Richard Youl posted:


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> Fascinating watching that; an Australia only a decade before my time.

> Thanks Richard.


> Two observations:


> 1: The frequent shots of trolley buses in a city that hardly had any of

> them (but trams everywhere at the time the film was made, circa 1947)

> suggest to me the producers with a UK audience in mind saw trolley buses as

> "modern" because at the time they were replacing trams in many parts of the

> UK (and had replaced many London tram routes by then; but no more as they

> were even doomed in London, with all further London tram replacements being

> diesel buses). So they incorporated all those trolley bus scenes to make

> Sydney look "modern" to a UK audience


> 2: The film is a reminder of how extraordinarily White and Anglo

> Australia was back then, before even Italians and Greeks were allowed to

> join Poms as immigrants.


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