Re: Princes Highway Crossing Signal Replacement – December 2020
  Yuri Sos

Good example, Daniel.

And that crossing is a low speed side street which then intersects with Ferrars Street so no motorist is able to travel at the speeds as at Loftus.


PS Also Ingles, Bridge, Swallow and Beach Streets on the 109. Actually Ingles Street is a good example of how even traffic lights aren't perfect. The crossing has traffic lights and pissy little poles pretending to be booms that extend only across the left lanes of a four lane street
allowing motorists running the red to drive through unimpeded in the right lane. Trams generally come to a halt until all traffic has stopped. That crossing (as well as at Bridge and Beach Streets) needs the proper full width solid booms. There must a hundred of them in storage given the level crossing removal program.

PPS My photo essay of the 2011 celebrations at Loftus at