Re: City in the Sun
  David McLoughlin

Richard Youl posted:


Fascinating watching that; an Australia only a decade before my time.
Thanks Richard.

Two observations:

1: The frequent shots of trolley buses in a city that hardly had any of
them (but trams everywhere at the time the film was made, circa 1947)
suggest to me the producers with a UK audience in mind saw trolley buses as
"modern" because at the time they were replacing trams in many parts of the
UK (and had replaced many London tram routes by then; but no more as they
were even doomed in London, with all further London tram replacements being
diesel buses). So they incorporated all those trolley bus scenes to make
Sydney look "modern" to a UK audience

2: The film is a reminder of how extraordinarily White and Anglo Australia
was back then, before even Italians and Greeks were allowed to join Poms as

david mcloughlin, New Zealand
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