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The ‘J.A.Y. Walker Deceased’ video mentioned by Michael Lewis can be viewed at

John Wayman

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Thanks Richard, the site says it was made in 1947. I remember those streets and parks near the beach from the late 1940s. Apart from the great shots of buses and playground equipment - like none now, the incidental shots of trams, Os, Ps and Rs make this worth viewing in tdu context. The cricket in Gould St, behind Bondi Beach public school reminded me of similar games - or billycart races down hills, all over Bondi.

A slightly later Road Safety Council film from the archives- approx 1949-50., called "J.A.Y Walker Deceased" is highly recommended. It highlights bad behaviour with respect to Sydney trams but accidentally shows why they were so good loading and unloading. It starts with the unused trolley bus wiring in Macleay St Potts Point. I think you can still buy cakes from the fatal cake shop there. In the 1960s it was called the Croissant D'Or.

On Saturday, January 9, 2021 at 1:51:41 PM UTC+11 Richard Youl wrote:
This came to me from Barry N. Those of you who remember the comic strip about Ginger Meggs may feel a little nostalgia as well.


It is filmed around Bondi and shows double decker buses and trams and must have been filmed before 1954 as it shows a Belleview Hill line tram in Campbell parade Bondi.

In the background you will see an Amusement park which was later knocked down for a service station. As kids we used to go in there and push each other around in the dogem cars (After the park had closed down).

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