Re: A slow start in Richmond
  Mal Rowe

On 06/01/2021 17:09, Mal Rowe wrote:
> Yarra have had occupancy of Bridge Rd for track renewal since 11pm on Sunday last.


3 days on and a lot has happened.

The intersection of Bridge Rd and Church St has been renewed.  It reopens to motor traffic in Church St on Tuesday 12th.

Track is being renewed in the usual method starting at Church St. and working east.

The concrete breakers (6 in the photo) are finishing off removing the last of the old mass concrete Bridge Rd track near the river beside the Bridge Hotel.

The paving is being finished off with the usual small vibrating roller  on the bridge itself - with the original rail left in place.

Mal Rowe - still amazed at how quickly these works are achieved.

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BridgeRd-at-Yarra 9Jan2021  |  1728W x 1050H  | 637.35 KB |  Photo details
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BridgeHotel 9Jan2021  |  1575W x 1050H  | 594.16 KB |  Photo details
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ChurchSt-x-BridgeRd 9Jan2021  |  1575W x 1050H  | 486.67 KB |  Photo details