RE: Earbashing on trams about to be increased by Yarra

This message was posted by Transport for NSW on 5th January to explain train delays on Sydney’s Western Line: “T1 Western Line - UPDATED 5 Jan 21:32, Ongoing. Details = Allow plenty of extra travel time due to a fatal person hit by a train at Mt Druitt.”


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Sent: Thursday, 7 January 2021 10:03 AM
Subject: Re: [TramsDownUnder] Earbashing on trams about to be increased by Yarra

My two beefs are the volume that the message is blasted out and the incorrect grammar in the messaging.

For example, a 109 tram outbound from the City passes the Casino stop then turns right and stops at the next stop, Clarendon Street junction, then continues straight to Beacon Cove.

However this is the message broadcast approaching the casino stop:

"Stopping at Casino stop number 124A.

"At THIS stop the doors will open on the left side of the tram.

"Change HERE for route 12 and route 96.

"After the NEXT stop the tram will turn right."


"THIS stop is Casino."

I have offered feedback that the message should say "after THIS stop the tram will turn right" but was told that the message as spoken has been checked and the grammar has found to be correct.

Is English grammar no longer taught in schools? More precisely does no one in Yarra Trams understand basic grammar? (or is it that English is a second language for the French CEO? which could excuse him but not his minions.)