Fwd: This could (finally) transform Parramatta Rd
  Anthony Dudley Horscroft

Dear All

Sometimes the Greens get it right.



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Subject: This could (finally) transform Parramatta Rd
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2020 04:09:48 +0000 (UTC)
From: Jamie Parker MP jamie@...>
To: Dudley Horscroft transitconsult@...>

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Dear Dudley,

*Light rail will transform Parramatta Road*

For several years, I've been pushing Councils and the NSW Government to revitalise Parramatta Road and make it easier to get around our city by creating a light rail link between Burwood and the CBD.

Last month the Minister for Planning added his support, saying the revitalisation of Parramatta Road - including new mass transit along the corridor - needs to happen quickly.

I’m so pleased that after years of meetings, petitions and advocacy, our campaign to transform Parramatta Road is gaining more support. *Read the full story in the **/Sydney Morning Herald /**here.* https://www.jamieparker.org/r?u=KANR0YvKVYJzrcqBk6rLkFoFm5cS-g1HhIN79TQzyBz5JO2a08W2USqJW1HXyWxbfSd7oo2QZo8zhTkGWghGhJowdlvy69HH-1dIzqRmDa21vGjRJ5HKq_P7i5wRazsPoaOVdYiRYJrQgXDUiNh15H8Q7Rb1LMn9PdCDeQpgRJaSOQsatPmPOclqKC7sIUvC&e=1f975f3a3732020674d87f1537306c110fe6fc26&utm_source=jamieparker&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=p_matta_light_rail_s&n=1

*Thank you to the 2,500 local residents who have already signed the petition https://www.jamieparker.org/lightrail?e=1f975f3a3732020674d87f1537306c110fe6fc26&utm_source=jamieparker&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=p_matta_light_rail_s&n=2 calling for light rail for Parramatta Road. *

Your support sends a clear message that our community wants investment in transformative, world-class public transport in the inner west.

Inner West Light Rail Map - Committee for Sydney/Proposed City and Inner West transport network including Burwood-City light-rail. Image: Committee for Sydney/

The alternative is more buses that we know will only increase congestion on Parramatta Road and in the CBD. **

The government’s own analysis even shows that a bus trip from Burwood to the city would take about 39 minutes, compared with a 22-minute tram journey along the same route.

WestConnex was originally justified on the basis that it would help to transform Parramatta Road into a walkable high street. *Light rail would help to reduce congestion, fumes and noise and make Parramatta Road somewhere where business can thrive and be a more pleasant place to live and work. *

With WestConnex set to be complete in 2023, this opens up a short window of opportunity for restoration before lower traffic volumes are filled by induced traffic.

*This means the time to act is now. *

In the New Year we’ll be pushing the Minister for Transport to listen to the evidence, back the community and invest in light rail for Parramatta Road.

I’m so glad to have your support on this issue and will be doing everything possible to make our vision for a truly world-class public transport system for Sydney a reality.

If you would like more details on this or any other issue, please feel free to contact me either by emailbalmain@... mailto:balmain@parliament.nsw.gov.au or call 02 9660 7586.

Yours sincerely,

Jamie Parker MP
*Member for Balmain, Parliament of NSW*

*P.S. If you know someone who would use a light rail on Parramatta Road, forward this email to them and ask them to sign the petition https://www.jamieparker.org/lightrail?e=1f975f3a3732020674d87f1537306c110fe6fc26&utm_source=jamieparker&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=p_matta_light_rail_s&n=3. *

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