Re: Earbashing on trams about to be increased by Yarra
  Anthony Dudley Horscroft

Mea Culpa.  I am responsible for some of the excess announcements on GCLR!  I was on the trams the first day, and the passengers were completely foxed by the oddity of having the platforms on various sides.  They all dashed to the left side of the tram, and waited for the door to open if and when they pressed the Door Open button and I had to point out that the platform was the other side.  On arrive as Hospital, I mentioned to one of the staff on the platform that the side on which the doors opened should be in the announcements.  Little did I know that this would be continued what 2 years later?  Incidentally, the fact that passengers had no idea which side the platforms were, and many had no idea about door buttons but just stood there waiting  like Sydney siders, must  have been responsible fr the 55 minute journey, for a trip which now takes 33 or thereabouts minutes.



On 5/01/2021 10:09 am, 'Richard Youl' via TramsDownUnder wrote:
> This has just arrived from one of my contacts:


> “Hi Richard,

> Recently you berated G:Link about the constant noise generated by automated announcements interrupting private conversation. You also commented that there were so few announcements on Yarra Trams vehicles, as a comparison.

> Unfortunately, that may soon change with the below article appearing in our daily update this morning:


> /*Problem solvers:* Late last year, YT held our third annual Ideas Lab. This year, we identified over 70 customer and Authorised Officer pain points and brainstormed 30 possible solutions, including a number of quick wins./

> /The quick wins were: automated audio announcements at stops to remind boarding customers to give way to alighting customers, ticket compliance support through updated driver announcements, and additional ticketing information. Work has begun on the quick wins which are expected to be delivered within the next six months.”/

> Good Luck. Just don’t leave home without your earplugs! Don’t they realise that the more blabber there is, the less anybody listens to any of it?


> Regards,


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